• I've had the pleasure of working with Sean Ford of Xpedient Technologies for close to 15 years. During that time, Sean has supported approximately 20 companies in all aspects of IT support including purchasing and installing computer hardware including local servers and back-up systems, liaison with designers of new office buildouts, hosting websites and email systems, and being general IT support. At times, this IT support was extended to hundreds of individuals, primarily on a remote basis given operations spanning all continents and sometimes requiring very late nights or early mornings given local time zones. Not only has Sean provided reliable, unfailing IT support, he has always been an amazing resource to solve any problem that has been encountered -- I have yet to stump him! It's difficult to relay in a brief testimonial the importance of Sean's unfailing contribution to our operations. Having over 25 years of business experience, I have had exposure to numerous IT specialists and I can say without reservation that Sean Ford is the best IT support individual I've had the pleasure to work with.

    -Charlotte May – Intercorp Management Solutions Inc.
  • Over my past 17 years with this company there has been countless updates of our operating systems and accounting program, all of which would play havoc on the integration of our custom data base program (that was developed by Xpedient Technologies) with other software and hardware. Whenever these events came to pass, Sean Ford has always come through to correct and/or change the programming of our data base program to match the updates that were required. As well, any time we have needed to update our custom program to suit any changes we've made within our organization, Sean was always able to accommodate us and design the program to suit our needs.

    David Neal.
    General Manager
    Wilkens Contracting Inc.

    -David Neal – Wilkens Contracting Inc.
  • I have known and used Sean for years for all of my IT needs. I continue to use him as he is always very responsive and fun to deal with.

    -James Fairbairn – Kutu Gold
  • Sean from Xpedient Technologies has always been there for me as my go-to IT solutions person. He explains things in normal English – not tech-speak so that I can track with what he is explaining. He is designing my next website for me and is making the process smooth and uncomplicated. I highly recommend his expert advice and knowledge to anyone who wants smooth running solutions to their computer environment.

    -Jeannette Hay – CEO, Get Me Organized!
  • I have been a client of Xpedient Technologies/Sean Ford for almost a decade, both for my own private company and also with several publicly listed companies with international staff and offices, where Sean provided all IT services for the corporate server and individuals’ computer needs. Sean is extremely knowledgeable about computers and corporate IT needs, and is able to deal with non-technical people, like myself, very effectively. His ability to communicate with people and willingness to help clients understand individual problems, without swamping them with technical jargon, allows people to learn and develop their own computer competencies and deal with minor hiccups themselves. Sean is always contactable and responds promptly to calls for help, which is comforting in times where some systems crash or individual computer glitch has taken you offline. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, Sean has always responded promptly to emergency calls with patience and understanding which provides client confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email should you have questions about Sean Ford or Xpedient Technologies.

    -John Clarke – Clarke Energy Consulting Inc.